Dive into a world where AI transforms the way you interact with your visitors. Harness the potential of AI with SiteGPT and redefine user interactions on your website.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple Integration: Seamlessly integrate SiteGPT into any website with just a few steps.
  • AI-Driven Interactions: Experience dynamic and context-aware interactions, thanks to the AI engine at the core of SiteGPT.
  • Content-Driven Learning: SiteGPT offers real-time responses based on your current content. For any updates or changes to your website content, a simple click on the “Retrain” button ensures your chatbot is updated and accurate.
  • Quick Prompts: Offer users clickable options for common questions, making interactions swift and effortless.
  • Customizable Appearance: Make the chatbot truly yours. Reflect your brand’s ethos with customizable colors, icons, and more.
  • Human Escalation: For questions that require a human touch, seamlessly transition the conversation from the bot to human support.
  • User Insights: Understand your audience better with in-depth analytics on user interactions.

Crafting Your Personalized Chatbot: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Begin: Start your journey by clicking on “create new chatbot”.
  2. Content Integration: Provide your website URL, and SiteGPT will fetch the content to form your chatbot’s knowledge base.
  3. Selective Training: Opt for specific pages or sections to train your chatbot, ensuring it provides the most relevant responses.
  4. Personalize: Adjust the chatbot’s look, from colors to logos, ensuring alignment with your brand identity.
  5. Quick Prompts: Set up pre-defined prompts, allowing users to easily engage with common questions and explore chatbot capabilities.
  6. Human Integration: Ensure a seamless transition to human support for complex queries the bot might not handle.
  7. Engage & Impress: With setup complete, watch your chatbot delight your visitors!

Ready to transform your online interactions? Create your chatbot now.