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Make AI your expert customer support agent

It's like having ChatGPT specifically for your SaaS product. Instantly answer your visitors' questions with a personalized chatbot trained on your website content.

  • Personalized onboarding help
  • Friendly pricing as you scale
  • 95+ languages supported
  • 7-day free trial
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Imagine what you could do if you had an expert chatbot answering questions 24/7


Fickle, one-size-fits-all chatbots that do more harm than good

  • Generic GPT tools don't answer based on your training data
  • Custom-built bots are finicky and difficult to maintain
  • Customer support staff takes 3+ months to train
  • Bogged down with support tickets


An automated resource that super charges your support team

  • Provide 24/7/365 quality customer support with instant responses
  • Automate answering the vast majority of support tickets
  • Make your current support team twice as productive
  • Free up time to work on higher-level tasks

You're three easy steps away from your own personalized AI support chatbot


Sync training data

Enter your URL for SiteGPT to scan, or upload files, or drop in raw text content.


Install on your site

Embed a chatbot on as many sites as you want — your marketing site, in-app, help center… wherever.


Learn and refine

Use real chat history to improve your chatbot by providing feedback that allows it to improve with every interaction.

Personalized Chatbot

Build a custom chatbot trained on your own content

Ever wanted to clone yourself to answer customer queries? Now you can! Train your chatbot with your content and let it echo your brand's voice. Who knew a chatbot could be your digital doppelgänger?

Quick Prompts

Help users start conversations with quick prompts

Give users a digital icebreaker to kick things off. Include frequently asked questions or questions you wish more users would ask to get value out of your product or service.

Email Summaries

Stay up to date with daily email summaries

Keep a pulse on chatbot interactions with daily summaries delivered to your inbox. Upload more training data where needed, track the chatbot's performance, and gain insights into user behavior.

Escalate to Human

Escalate to a human when necessary

While AI can handle a vast majority of inquiries, some conversations require human touch. Users can seamlessly transition the conversation to a live agent at the push of a button. This hybrid approach ensures that users always receive the best possible assistance.

Collect Leads

Generate leads to follow up with later

Don't just answer questions, seize opportunities. Our chatbot captures interested visitors' details, allowing you to build a list of potential leads.


Turn natural language commands into in-app actions

Functions allows users to automate tasks just by interacting with your chatbot. Your chatbot can listen, understand, and interact with other systems based on chat interactions.

Supercharge your chatbot

Direct integrations with your favorite tools

With native integrations into platforms like Crisp, Intercom, and Zendesk, our chatbot becomes an extended arm of your existing toolkit.

Live demo

See for yourself.

Ask the SiteGPT chatbot a question about itself.

Customer testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

“SiteGPT appears to be first really production ready support solution that allows custom training, while so many others break or simply lack functionality. (we have tested and trialed MANY in the past 3 months)”

Christoph C. Cemper

Founder & CEO of

“Other than the obvious benefits of using SiteGPT, we are getting user feedback/feature requests - it's only day 1 of using the SiteGPT bot.”

Akhil Kundh

Growth at CheqUptime

“We've got the bot dialled in - we're using GPT-4, have an avenue for escalations to Zendesk, and so far I have no complaints.”

Brent Burrows II

Vice President – Retail & Sales at CBS Bahamas

“Every now and then, you stumble on a great solution. SiteGPT is like I imagined a chatbot solution could be a few years back.”

Frank Smit

Chief Innovation Officer at OBI4wan


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  • Personalized onboarding help
  • Friendly pricing as you scale
  • 95+ languages supported
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cancel anytime